Woman who plowed car into Trump supporters is a big BLM organizer (videos)


A driver accused of attempted murder for driving a car into a crowd of Trump supporters in California and severely injuring two people is a major Black Lives Matter organizer.

Tatiana “Tia” Rita Turner, 40 of Long Beach, was taken into police custody and charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. She plowed her car into Trump supporters rallying in Yorba Linda.

At the time, the Caravan 4 Justice, a BLM-affiliated organization, was fighting with counter-protesters supporting President Donald Trump.

Independent videographer Tomas Morales suggests that leftists instigated the conflict, pepper-spraying pro-Trumpers without cause or provocation.


According to the Daily Mail, federal records reveal that Turner filed a trademark application for the BLM arm in July. A GoFundMe campaign also named her as the group’s founder. Police confirmed her association.


After she plowed into the crowd of Trump supporters, two people were left seriously hurt.

The two injured, a man and a woman, were transported to a nearby hospital with “major injuries” but were expected to survive, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department cited in a press release.




  1. Turner is black (of course). She is being held on $1 million bail for attempted murder (good!). Her next court appearance in on Tuesday (let her rot in prison).

  2. Well, she’s currently charged with attempted murder – but then so was a guy in Portland for throwing a lit Molotov cocktail that exploded to set an officer’s leg on fire (along with assault, arson, etc), until the Multnomah DA reduced it to riot and possessing a dangerous device or something.

    So, we’ll see.

  3. It would help to see what led up to the event. While it doesn’t appear the car itself was attacked, why was the car surrounded and boxed in. If we want to complain about Antifa / BLM blocking roads and vehicles driving through we have to at least ask why Trump supporters were around a vehicle’s path.

    • The Trump Supporters were in a parking lot not the street. Not sure but I’d rather doubt BLM people parked their cars in the lot knowing the Trump supporters would be there.

      • Seems unlikely. The video shows the car hitting the people and driving off and is seen entering an intersection. That’s the problem with twitter videos. They only show the moment of action and very little before or after.

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