Sombreros Can Be Racist – The Surveillance of Fun


Mascots of sports teams offend some people. Monitoring fun.

Imaginary racism where none exists – cultural appropriation – imagining racism in non-racist names, foods, costumes, medicines, words, comics, dances, sports teams, and hairstyles – is still alive and well. Let’s remember to shut it down. It’s destroying our society, entertainment, comedy, spirit, and the unity among people in this country. This is not the ‘Identity Politics States’ – it’s the United States.

Some examples from Mark Dice:

Two Portland women had to shut down their burrito shop because they are white.

A student at the University of New Hampshire was harassed for wearing a serape on Cinco de Mayo. A fragile black student did the harassing – not a Mexican student.

CB Cebulski used a Japanese-sounding name for his comics ten years before he was attacked. He’s white and can’t use a Japanese-sounding name.

White girls can’t become TikTok stars dancing to black people’s music. It upsets the Left because black people aren’t getting enough credit.

There are calls for the UN to expand copyright regulations to protect Indigenous everything – words, dances, medicines.

Corporations drop the word “chief” after imagining it’s a slur or microaggression.

The insanity involves Halloween costumes, sports teams, and their mascots, music genres, dances, hairstyles, and even food.

If we stopped fake racism where it doesn’t exist in its tracks, maybe it wouldn’t be a full-blown pandemic now:

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