Some MPD Insist They Were Set Up on January 6 – Footage


The police said they were set up on J6.

This is one of the 41,000 hours of videos that were kept from us. It’s new body cam footage on January 6th of the MPD discussing how “they set us up.”

“Let them take the [Capitol].”

Were they told to come two hours late? Were Nancy Pelosi and her staff deliberately weakening security? What did Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell know?

Tucker Carlson and his team are reviewing the videos released by Kevin McCarthy this week and will begin presenting them in context next week. He’s planning to release all the footage.

That would explain why this next clip happened without police intervention. I don’t think the scaffolding was part of the plot, but who knows?

The police felt free to do whatever they like, but they came late as directed. By then, all Hell broke loose.

He’s whipping them as if they were horses.

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