Some of the Iowa Precincts Chose a Winner with a Coin Toss, No Joke


As is often the case, in some Iowa precincts, ties were decided by a coin toss. This goes on every year. The absurd approach is adding to the anger over the disastrous caucus last night.

Monday’s caucus results ended with no official vote totals. The Iowa Democratic Party blamed “inconsistencies” in some precinct reporting. Later it was learned that it was also due in part to badly-coded app.

But in some locations, tied caucus votes that were too close to call were broken with an actual flip of a coin.

Klobuchar and Buttigieg tied in the clip below. The coin toss resulted in a win for Pete Buttigieg.

This next one is Buttigieg and Warren. You think it’s a joke, right? No, it’s not.

And more precincts:

As we said, it’s done all the time:

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