Some say Atlantic writer Goldberg is an unreliable conspiracy theorist


The Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg recently took mostly old stories about Donald Trump and wound them into a tale of the President’s secret contempt for the troops. No matter how absurd the claim, MSM embraced it and blasted it around the world.

What they didn’t blast was the fact that people who were with the President, even John Bolton, went on the record to say the President never said it. And as if something from 2018 attacking President Trump would have remained a secret since then.

Goldberg claims the anons didn’t want to see mean tweets so they insisted on remaining anonymous. Hello, just don’t go on twitter. Putting it out was irresponsible.

Cockburn, writing for The Spectator, says, “spectacular, impossible-to-disprove, election-swinging allegations can be made by totally anonymous individuals leaking to a historically gullible reporter.”

Goldberg is in a habit of doing things like this, Mondoweiss reports:

Recently, he posted an article about conspiracy thinking including Donald Trump and his comments about the virus as an example since the President dared to question the virus death toll.

Goldberg also tried to associate Donald Trump with QAnon. QAnon is an online chatfest that gets conspiratorial, but the left wants you to think it’s an active, violent far-right group of great significance.

As it happens, Goldberg promoted some conspiracy theories, disastrously so. He is a very influential journalist and blogger, and he’s a liberal-socialist hawk. Goldberg wants a two-state solution with Israel, which will destroy the tiny country in the view of most pro-Israeli people. He claims Israel is an occupier and he dislikes Netanyahu immensely.

In 2002, he used discredited sources — both in Iraq as well as in the George W. Bush administration — to argue that Saddam Hussein was in league with Al Qaeda. We know how that worked out. Still, it got him an award for best reporting on human rights.

Former CIA director, James Woolsey, who wanted war with Iraq, called it “groundbreaking.”

Goldberg dealt with innuendoes that turned out to be false, yet he kept urging war with Iraq. He made a difference, a negative difference.

Goldberg also suggested in a Q & A that only white males can do 10,000-word cover stories:

Goldberg ran into trouble in a Q&A – alongside his own executive editor, Adrienne LaFrance – when he intimated that assigning cover stories to women and minorities on gender and race issues is problematic.

“It’s really, really hard to write a 10,000-word cover story. There are not a lot of journalists in America who can do it. The journalists in America who do it are almost exclusively white males,” he said.

The Atlantic is holding a festival of far-left Trump haters and that is where Goldberg is mostly coming from. Samantha Bee, an unfunny hater, will be there. Leftists should not miss the hatefest.

Goldberg is a far-left blatherskite who needs to STHU. This is the man who hired Jemele Hill.

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