Mark Levin on a “violent, Marxist, terrorist organization”


Mark Levin retweeted quotes on Friday from Ronald Reagan about riots. It’s short, listen to it if you will. You won’t regret it. It is possibly the best way to look at them and handle them, but times are different so who am I to say.


Mark Levin also tweeted about an issue that Fox News, the other MSM, and most of our politicians will not address. He spoke the truth about BLM, a self-described group of Marxists.

Of course, black lives matter but the organization/movement is an abomination and stands against everything we as Americans believe.

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist hate group. It is a communist movement that seeks to silence people exercising their 1st Amendment rights. They want to destroy, tear down all our systems of governing under the cloak of systemic racism.

Constitutional attorney Mark Levin blasted them in a pair of tweets Sunday.

“BLM is a terrorist group violently attacking anyone who exercises their right to free speech and assembly, businesses and homes, and people eating at restaurants. It’s a Marxist operation with an army of brown shirts,” Levin tweeted Sunday morning.

“And it’s supported by the Democrat Party, large corporations, professional sports leagues and athletes, the media, and Hollywood,” Levin added.

BLM admits they’re communists and their agenda is out there for all to see. Yet, few will report they are communists seeking to overthrow the United States government under the guise of fighting so-called systemic racism. They want you to think they are a civil rights organization, but they clearly are not.

Their origins are easily available for everyone to see. As Bill O’Reilly said they are a regurgitation of the Black Panthers. The only difference is BLM is mostly white and funded by the likes of George Soros, Democrats — Act Blue, athletes, corporations, Hollywood, the Ford Foundation and others. Democrats are now looking to crash the system.

BLM is getting tons of money from corporations:

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