Somehow MSM isn’t interested in Hunter ‘f*ing sex’ videos in the hands of Russians


While naked in bed with a hooker, Hunter Biden said, “The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!”

The Daily Mail has a video of him telling a prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Vegas hotel room.

If true, Russians might have something to use to blackmail Hunter and Joe.

But the US media doesn’t care.

The video is from 2019.

Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Las Vegas bender in which he spent “18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite.”

After filming himself having sex with the woman using his laptop in January 2019, Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Vegas bender in which he spent “18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite,” sometimes costing $10,000 a night.

“I spent f_ing crazy amounts of money,” Hunter said. “was with these guys. The one guy was, not like you anyway… each night he’d be like ‘there’s going to be so many people here,’ crazy f_ing party and each night it’s nobody.”

The debauched crackhead must have lost at least three computers, possibly four or twenty for all we know. The one that was exposed by a computer tech in Delaware, the second one lost, contained sensitive government information.

In fact, where did this video come from?

The third laptop still appears to be missing – and was taken by Russian drug dealers after they partied with Hunter in Vegas, he told a prostitute in a conversation caught on camera.

The laptops contain embarrassing pictures, videos, and communications of the president’s son.

Hunter’s behavior is sociopathic and immature.

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Dean M
Dean M
2 years ago

Boris and Natasha are master video editors and they superimposed Hunter and Sally Streetwalker onto the videos from pornos with stolen laptops in the “historic” pee pee suite where the orange Voldemort stayed.
Run with it enemedia, and you’re welcome.

Frank S.
Frank S.
2 years ago

But the FBI is still rounding up January 6th trespassers, because THEY are such a threat to America. Meanwhile hop head Hunter’s antics on laptops may be one of the greatest threats to national security since the Rosenbergs.
Hey didn’t Papa Joe say he checked in with Hunter every night? What happened to those phone calls during that 18 day bender. Maybe Dementia Joe was too addled himself to know how messed up his kid was.

Pleasures Pave Sewers
Pleasures Pave Sewers
2 years ago

Like totally progressive.
OMG like I have genitalia and it feels good when something rubs up against it.
Evolved, enlightened.
How much longer will external enemies wait?
Even the Grand Old Politburo knew better than to let China and Russia get too cozy and they are both participating in military drills this month.