Soros behind violent protests in America. Is civil war coming?

Soros behind violent protests in America. Is civil war coming?
by Barbara Farmer
This year has been a tough one for all of us. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, America is torn apart by BLM and Antifa-led protests. It looks like the pandemic will be wreaking havoc again next year, so will the unrest. The protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody seemed to be spontaneous. However, left-wing mobs were ready to riot long before the murder of this black man.
The leftist radical groups behind the ongoing violence in American cities have a long history of receiving money from left-wing billionaire George Soros. Since 2013, he has put in a great deal of effort to mobilize them so that they’ll be able to shape the nation’s political agenda.
Soros plans to remake America and billions of dollars to invest in groups and people promoting his interests. He doesn’t even look confused when saying, “I fancy myself as some kind of god.” So far, the billionaire has pumped dozens of millions into the Black Lives Matter movement through numerous organizations and initiatives financed by Open Society Foundations as part of the U.S. Programs. Among them is New America think tank, Priorities USA Action, Black Votes Matter, Repairers of the Breach, Circle for Justice Innovations, and Equal Justice Initiative.
As a business magnate, Soros doesn’t pour his fortune down a rat hole and invests only in profitable projects. And the BLM movement is one of them. In 2013, the Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic group founded by George Soros, donated about $8 million into black-led racial equality groups while the Open Society Institute-Baltimore office provided legal and technical assistance to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
Since 2016, Soros has increased his investment in far-left organizations. Only this year, the Open Society Foundations has pumped $150 million into BLM-style racial justice groups and donated $70 million in local grants supporting change to policing and criminal justice. And now BLM protest leaders have $220 million in total to spend on large-scale riots aimed to destabilize America within.
While BLM protesters are defending Soros’s interests, the left-leaning mainstream media and Soros-bought journalists continue to encourage nationwide riots. Thus, one of the U.S. Programs board members, The New Yorker former writer and The Washington Post ex-senior editor Steve Coll is responsible for media promotion and public image of the movement.
Democrats are now exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement as a political tool. A majority of Democratic-run cities hit by rioting, looting, and a wave of arson with a nod and wink from the mayors, whose campaigns for office were also funded by Soros. The tactics successfully used by Democrats and Soros-affiliated organizations at the time of anti-government protests in the Middle East are now implemented inside America. Just take a look at the two identical leaflets:
The first one that provides practical and tactical advice for mass demonstrations and confronting riot police was distributed in Egypt a decade ago. It was also posted online by BLM activists involved with the Ferguson protest in 2014. The second one is now popular among left-wing radical groups. Apparently, leftist riots are coordinated by the same people who organized the Arab spring. As one professor once said, “you don’t have to wake up Einstein to figure this out.”
Barbara Farmer is a Christian wife and mom, a former legal assistant at a law firm in Layton, Utah, and a Conservative Republican. 
Newsguard, a self-appointed guardian of the Internet claimed Soros didn’t fund riots. We should note that his foundation has funded Black Lives Matter to the tune of $33 million. BLM protests, that’s what they do, but he didn’t directly fund riots.


  1. A feature and not a bug to the CPUSA fifth column and other traitors already within the halls of government, academia, media, medicine.
    The Controlled Demolition will proceed no matter what.
    Don’t believe the hype that Russia and China are not already in a military alliance and it could be interesting times ahead.
    Plan accordingly.

  2. George Soros is without a doubt among the most despicable. anti-American scumbags known to man. I agree with most of the article.

    However, the conclusion is foolishly simple-minded. The similarity, even the exact likeness of the two pamphlets is not conclusive evidence that the same people organized the Arab Spring and the present-day Antifa/BLM violence.

    With hundreds of thousands of Arab Spring pamphlets having been printed, not to mention its being available online, it is a simple matter to copy one and print thousands more…in any language.

    “Apparently, leftist riots are coordinated by the same people who organized the Arab spring.”

    Einstein wouldn’t have jumped to such a stupid conclusion.

  3. Stalin’s (Soros) ‘usefull idiots’ don’t have a clue that they will be the first detritus that is discarded by the elites.

  4. It’s OK to vent but the only way to successfully oppose this is to stay involved, vote and keep elected officials in line. Once elected officials are compromised, they can use bureaucracy to suppress dissent. Any physical dissension would be labelled terrorist. Dissension leaders and activists would be individually targeted and neutralized. It’s just the totalitarian way. Has been used successfully often – just look to Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, North Korea, Communist China, Iron Curtain countries prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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