Soros-Clinton Operative Becomes Biden’s Right Hand! So Who’s the President?


George Soros’s and Hillary Clinton’s key ally, Neera Tanden will now become Joe Biden’s right hand woman.

The feminist progressive [communist] who ran the looney Center for American Progres, is a Hillary-Soros operative who says she wants to cut social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. She is the consummate swamp creature and conspiracy theorist who pushed the fake Russia-Trump conspiracy. Everyone Biden is appointing is a swamp creature.

She has made very vicious comments against Republicans and deleted 1100 of them during her failed confirmation hearing for OMB director.

During her confirmation hearing, she was grilled by Josh Hawley. She has strong ties to Big Tech and Wall Street in general, having solicited huge donations from them.

Tweets from the past:

She is hateful.

She was a hate-filled conspiracy theorist:

Tanden is a far-left progressive now pretending she is a liberal. She is whatever her boss wants her to be:

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