Soros drops $52 million to swing the election


George Soros poured a record-breaking $52 million into the 2020 election. There’s four months to go and he will likely spend more. He is only one of many megadonors – mostly far left. Democrats rely on billionaires to win.

Billionaire George Soros, who Bill O’Reilly calls a communist, plans to interfere in the 2020 election as if we didn’t know from his $220 million donation to far-left rabble-rousers, including Black Lives Matter.

He ramped up his spending through Democracy PAC.

The $52 million cash influx is more than double Soros’s previous high of $22 million, which came during the last presidential election.

Soros has bought the elections of sheriffs, district attorneys, and other important ground-up influencers in order to transform the country.

Soros doesn’t like our justice system and sees it as unfair and racist. He thinks most criminals should be freed. He believes in drug legalization, including heroin. The hard left billionaire believes in open borders, amnesty, and citizenship for all illegals, which would destroy the Republican Party.

Soros thinks everything right-wing is evil and prefers a socialist/communist USA. He is on the precipice of making the USA a one-party socialist/communist country.

Anyone who criticizes Soros — tells the truth — is deemed anti-Semitic even though he’s terrible at being Jewish and is an atheist who spent his teens with Germans seizing Jewish assets without an ounce of remorse.

If you like this, vote Democrat in November.


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