Soros-funded DA supports looting if they really had to do it


Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton is one of the far-left District Attorneys whose campaign was heavily funded by George Soros. The hard-left billionaire Soros has been funding DA races throughout the nation, creating havoc and chaos.

She’s good friends with two other Soros-funded leftists — St. Louis’ Kim Gardner and Chicago’s Kim Foxx. They too have made names for themselves.

She made major changes when she assumed office. One of them was to promote looting as an acceptable crime if the looters had to do it.

Becton is putting so-called  “racial equity-minded policies” in place. She presented “Looting Guidelines” and the document was leaked to RedState. She wants deputy DA’s and police officers to ask themselves if they looter did it out of personal need.

Jennifer Van Laar of RedState reported Becton’s charging guidelines for looting:

Theft Offenses Committed During State of Emergency (PC 463)

In order to promote consistent and equitable filing practices the follow[ing] analysis is to be applied when giving consideration to filing of PC 463 (Looting):

    1. Was this theft offense substantially motivated by the state of emergency, or simply a theft offense which occurred contemporaneous to the declared state of emergency?
    2. Factors to consider in making this determination:

i.Was the target business open or closed to the public during the state of emergency? ii. What was the manner and means by which the suspect gained entry to the business? iii. What was the nature/quantity/value of the goods targeted? iv. Was the theft committed for financial gain or personal need? v. Is there an articulable reason why another statute wouldn’t adequately address the particular incident?

Van Laar also quoted from the Shouse California Law Group: “Under Penal Code 463 PC, California law defines ‘looting’ as taking advantage of a state of emergency to commit burglary, grand theft or petty theft. Looting charges can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony and is punishable by up to 3 years in jail.”

In other words, Becton expects Deputy District Attorneys and/or the county’s law enforcement officers to go through a flow chart, a psychological analysis, and a financial review to determine if looting charges should be filed? Everything is important except for the rule of law.

What about justice for those whose goods are stolen???


Her campaign team has called for the abolition of prisons and publicly call LAPD officers “barbarians.

Becton coauthored an op-ed in Politico with district attorneys Kim Foxx of Chicago, St. Louis’ Kim Gardner, and two other district attorneys, in which they wrote:

“Our criminal legal system was constructed to control Black people and people of color. Its injustices are not new but are deeply rooted in our country’s shameful history of slavery and legacy of racial violence. The system is acting exactly as it was intended to, and that is the problem. We should know: We’re Black, we’re female, and we’re prosecutors. We work as the gatekeepers in this flawed system. And we have some ideas for how to fix it.”


Meanwhile, don’t you dare paint over a Marxist Black Lives Matter scrawl on the pavement. You will be charged with a hate crime.

The staff is starting to quit over her insane policies, but it won’t matter.

If you like the idea of not following the rule of law, vote Democrat.

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