Soros-Funded Detroit Leftists Demand Removal of Christopher Columbus Statue


A small but determined group of leftists congregated around a statue of Columbus in Detroit Saturday. They are noteworthy when one considers who is funding them and why they were protesting.

Organizers said they will start circulating an online petition for the Columbus monument’s removal.

The plaque on the monument’s stone pedestal says it was dedicated to the explorer’s honor in 1910 by “the Italians of Detroit.” A second plaque says the monument was relocated to its current site in 1988, Detroit Free Press reported.

“Christopher Columbus has a real disturbing legacy in the United States,” said demonstrator Antonio Cosme, who obviously knows nothing of history except what he might have learned from Communist texts by Howard Zinn. “He’s a central central narrative to white nationalism. He’s one of the key figures in this whole Western identity. This whole idea that the civilization of the world started in England, that it started in France, that it started in Germany.”

“Instead of making it Columbus Day, we want to make it indigenous and African peoples’ day,” Cosme said.


BYP100Detroit organized THE ‘Reclaiming Our History’ rally on Saturday to combat White Supremacy. There are no Confederate statues in the city so they did the next best thing and went right to explorer Christopher Columbus.

This is what was written on their Facebook page:

Join the Detroit Chapter of BYP100 as we fight back against white supremacy. As we stand in solidarity with Charlottesville and the bringing down of all Confederate monuments and symbols, we recognize that white supremacy shows up in many forms. While there may be no Confederate monuments in Detroit, there are many historical and current symbols and examples of white supremacy in this city. We must show that white supremacy will not stand in Detroit or anywhere.

As Black people, our folks have fought day in and day out against white supremacy and we have won battle after battle. We will continue to fight and we will win. This rally will serve as a part of the national call to action to stand in solidarity with the removal of confederate monuments and to show ways white supremacy is in the fabric of this country, including in the White House.

We will also hold a healing space for Black folks to remember our ancestors who fought to get us to this point, to remind each other that we got us, and to set the environment to forge ahead in the fight against white supremacy.

The Black Youth Project is funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. In 2013, the Foundations gave $1.2 million to the umbrella organization for these youth they call “Justice Fellows”. In 2016, the NYC wing stormed the police union and demanded the police be defunded.

It’s odd that no one in Congress is investigating this subversive and the organizations he funds.

Dozens are said to have attended this rally and another in downtown Detroit to protest gentrification.

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