Soros-Funded State Attorney Monique Worrell Is a Loser


The Florida Supreme Court affirmed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ removal of George Soros-backed State Attorney Monique Worrel in 2023 for her “dereliction of duty.”

Monique Worrell was elected state attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, where she took office in 2021. Failing to file charges against 40% of defendants got her suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2023, who rightly accused her of “neglect of duty and incompetence.”


DeSantis said of Worrel at the time, “The practices and policies of her office have allowed murderers, other violent offenders, and dangerous drug traffickers to receive extremely reduced sentences and escape the full consequences of their criminal conduct. In some cases, these offenders have evaded incarceration altogether.”


Worrel sued for reinstation, but the state Supreme Court majority opinion ruled against her:

“We cannot agree with Worrel that the allegations in the Executive Order are impermissibly vague, nor that they address conduct that falls within the lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion.”

“We have said that a suspension order does not infringe on a state attorney’s lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion where it alleges that such discretion is, in fact, not being exercised in individual cases but, rather, that generalized policies have resulted in categorical enforcement practices.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, during her 2020 campaign, Worrel received $1.5 million in support from the Soros-backed group Our Vote Our Voice.

Soros buys prosecutors, judges, and sheriffs to control and destroy the US Justice system.

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