The WHO’s IHR Global Infrastructure Explained by Dr. Malone


At the 77th World Health Assembly, the WHO won and adopted the amendments to the International Health Regulations. Many were celebrating, thinking we defeated them. Elements within the health freedom movement and the alternative media make people think they were victorious. People weren’t.

James Roguski does not believe it is about taking over national sovereignty; it’s about giving Big Pharma geographical pharmaceutical sovereignty to increase oligarch wealth. It’s about money.

The poorer nations called for equity, and equity is money – ours. The point is to set up a mechanism to funnel money to Big Pharma.

They have a committee to coordinate and implement the financial mechanism. We don’t even know how it will work. They will build an enormous infrastructure for drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines. They want those to be declared a global public good like the air we breathe — available to everyone.

There are no specifics yet.

The WHO, Big Pharma, and advisory NGOs will make decisions. When the government forms partnerships with private organizations, “Goods, things don’t happen; money gets laundered,” says James Roguski. Mr. Roguski has been involved in this from the beginning, informing and analyzing.

They want a totalitarian dictator in charge of it – Mr. Global. It will allow Big Pharma to extend its reach throughout the globe.

Roguski said it’s not about sovereignty; it’s about oligarchs profiting from your pain. Nations will be under the control of this pharmaceutical globalist. The WHO doesn’t want to improve your health; they want to transfer wealth to their owners.

It’s about the money.

However, the global infrastructure they are planning does intrude on the will of the American people. It leaves us without representation; they can take our wealth from us.


The World Health Assembly didn’t agree on the language of the Pandemic Treaty. However, with the close cooperation of the [Marxist] Biden administration, the World Health Organization updated the International Health Regulations [IHR].

The IHR “functioned as a voluntary accord establishing international norms for reporting, managing, and cooperating in matters relating to infectious diseases and infectious disease outbreaks (including “pandemics”).”

“In blatant disregard for established protocol and procedures, sweeping IHR amendments were prepared behind closed doors, and …submitted for consideration and accepted by the World Health Assembly quite literally in the last moments of a meeting… the last day of the meeting. …”

They did this in violation of their own charter. By their actions, you will know them.

They didn’t vote to confirm or approve these amendments, which the WHO said were agreed to by “consensus.”

They agree to complete negotiations on the pandemic accord with the year, “at the latest.


Representatives from many WHO member nation-states were not in the room and those there were encouraged to keep quiet. After the non-vote, there was a giddy celebration of this achievement, clearly demonstrating the lack of somber maturity, commitment to both rules and careful diplomatic consensus, and absence of serious intent and purpose warranted by the topic, Malone writes.

Dr. Malone continued. “This was clearly an insider clique acting unilaterally to circumvent the normal process and mirrors a similar process used to confirm the re-appointment of Tedros to the Director-General position. This unelected WHO clique of “true believers” clearly signals that it believes itself above any requirements to comply with established international norms and standards, including its own. …”

“Here in the United States, these unilateral actions, backed by an executive branch and bureaucracy that repeatedly demonstrates a deep disdain for the rule of law, may require that individual States pass legislation to reject the WHO Amendments to IHR based on the illegality of the process and violation of Article 55.”


“For those not familiar, the current WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is neither a physician nor a trained public health or epidemiology specialist, but rather is an Ethiopian microbiologist, malaria researcher, and politician.”

“The hastily approved IHR consolidates virtually unchecked authority and power of the Director-General to declare public health emergencies and pandemics as he/she may choose to define them, and thereby to trigger and guide the allocation of global resources as well as a wide range of public health actions and guidance.

“These activities include recommendations relating to “persons, baggage, cargo, containers, conveyances, goods, and postal parcels,” but based on the earlier draft language of proposed IHR amendments and the WHO pandemic “accord” are likely to extend to both invasive national surveillance and mandated public health “interventions” such as vaccines and non-pharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing and lockdowns. Not to mention the continuing weaponization of public health messaging via censorship of dissenting voices and liberal use of the fear-based tactics known as information or psychological bioterrorism to mobilize public opinion in favor of WHO objectives.


To support decision-making, the IHR authorizes the Director-General to appoint an “IHR Expert Roster,” an “Expert Committee” selected from the “IHR Expert Roster,” and a “Review Committee.” Although the committees may make recommendations, the Director-General will have final decision-making authority in all relevant matters.

To illustrate that fact, the IHR states that  “The Director-General shall invite Member States, the United Nations and its specialized agencies and other relevant intergovernmental organizations or nongovernmental organizations in official relations with WHO to designate representatives to attend the Committee sessions. Such representatives may submit memoranda and, with the consent of the Chairperson, make statements on the subjects under discussion. They shall not have the right to vote.”

The approved amendments redefine the definition of a “Pandemic Emergency” and include a newly added emphasis on “equity and solidarity,” which directs that independent Nations (“States Parties”) shall assist each other to support local production capacity for research, development, and manufacturing of health products; that equitable access to relevant health products for public health emergencies including pandemics shall be facilitated; and that developed nations shall make available “relevant terms of their research and development agreements for relevant health products related to promoting equitable access to such products during a public health emergency of international concern, including a pandemic emergency.”


The amended IHR also directs that each nation (“States Parties”) shall “develop, strengthen and maintain core capacities” for “preventing, preparing for and responding to public health risks and events,” including in relation to:

  • Surveillance
  • On-site Investigations
  • Laboratory diagnostics, including referral of samples
  • Implementation of control measures
  • Access to health services and health products needed for the response
  • Risk communication, including addressing misinformation and disinformation
  • Logistical assistance

Additionally, the amended IHR includes copious new language, terms, and conditions relating to the responsibilities of “States Parties” to perform surveillance and transparent, timely reporting of information relating to infectious disease outbreaks.  This includes multiple references to information gathering, sharing, and distribution, including the need to counter the distribution of “misinformation and disinformation.

They say “scientific principles as well as the available scientific evidence and other relevant information” are key factors in guiding their decisions. Still, there is no indication they have done that or will.


“Although many of these revisions are generally reasonable and aligned with good and practical international public health norms and actions,” Malone says, “and in some cases are greatly improved relative to prior draft language, the recent history of WHO mismanagement and actual WHO spreading and amplification of mis- and disinformation regarding SARS-CoV-2 virology, immunology, and pathophysiology, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions for SARS-CoV-2 raise legitimate concerns about how these words will be interpreted and implemented. “

Furthermore, the pattern of repeated arbitrary, capricious, and scientifically unjustifiable decisions regarding COVID and monkeypox suggests that expanding the authority of either the Director-General or the WHO is unwise at this time…”

Just speaking in terms of best practices, it is clearly inappropriate to rely on administrators with such a vested personal interest in the outcome to be so intimately involved in crafting sweeping international policy changes. This revision process should have been managed by an independent commission of seasoned, objective experts who were carefully vetted to minimize potential conflict of interest.”

“The hasty willingness to bypass its own charter by unilaterally and arbitrarily jamming these changes through on extremely short notice raises further concerns regarding the reliability, maturity, and competency of the WHO, the World Health Assembly, and the Director-General to provide the calm, steady hand so sorely needed after the mismanaged major public health catastrophe and global trauma which all have experienced over the last four years,” Dr. Malone concludes.

Read more from Dr. Malone on this link.

It’s a Trojan Horse.

I don’t understand why James Roguski doesn’t see how these rules don’t intrude on national sovereignty. But he is right when he says it’s about the money. The following is from Mr. Roguski:

The amended International Health Regulations.

Be sure to read articles 44 and 44bis CLICK HERE

The proposed “Pandemic Agreement?”

Be sure to read Article 24.2. CLICK HERE

The World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty was signed on Friday, May 24, 2024.


If you are interested in helping to #RejectTheAmendments to the International Health Regulations and believe that we need to #ExitTheWHO – contact Mr. Roguski directly at 310-619-3055

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