Soros Group Hopes to Destroy Judge Kavanaugh to Keep Him Off SCOTUS


The Daily Caller reported Monday that a new Soros-tied group is putting $5 million into stopping the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

The group, Demand Justice (DJ), is organized and financed by a 501(c)(4) called the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which collected some $2.2 million in contributions from the Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), one of Soros’ primary donation vehicles, between 2012 and 2016.

Their name has come up frequently in recent months and they are very far-left. From 2012-2016, Soros gave them hundreds of thousands of dollars through a group that goes by the acronym OSPC. The group has no employees and all contract work done is paid for by the Open Society Foundation. They are one and the same.


Demand Justice has appeared in recent months. As is typical of the hard-left groups, they form new ones constantly and the web grows more intricate.

It is meant to counter the conservative groups.

According to Daily Caller:

Its ranks are staffed by alums of the Obama administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign: Fallon, the former Clinton campaign press secretary, serves as executive director and longtime Obama aide Christopher Kang is chief counsel. Other Clinton veterans involved with the group include Gabrielle McCaffrey and Diana Bowen, according to LinkedIn.

The group will put pressure on liberal Republicans Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, running ads against Kavanaugh. It won’t matter if the ads are lies, they are meant to destroy.

The group’s twitter page is already up and running on Kavanaugh, and their idea of justice is to destroy all opponents.


They will say anything and they know the media can be easily duped when it comes to letters to the editor. The Daily Mail reported this morning that the exact same letter to the editor was posted in 21 newspapers in 12 states under different names trashing Brett Kavanaugh.

This is the kind of chicanery the hard-left loves.

They tell their trusted MoveOn drones to put the letter out under their own name and they do.

We know it’s a con but will the papers come forward and retract the letter? Chances are there’s not a chance.


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