SOS Pompeo’s American speech to Voice of America


Secretary of State Michael Pompeo spoke to Voice of America about freedom and the United States striving for a “more perfect union.”

The Washington Post didn’t want this broadcast, calling it propaganda. They claimed America First and American Greatness is propaganda. Voice of America employees protested the broadcasting of the speech. Pompeo called the view “morally wrong.” He believes it points to authoritarianism clothed as righteousness.

That is not what we are as Americans and “wokeness” needs to be put to sleep. Voice of America can lead the way, he said.

The Secretary noted that we don’t need Chinese communists in positions at VOA. We have plenty of Americans who speak Mandarin. True Americans, Chinese Americans, should get those jobs.

We need to spread the message of America and take politics out of this institution, he continued.

He compared the authoritarianism of the Chinese Communists, and their atrocities, to the American goals of freedom, adding that people all over the globe turn to America for hope.

During his speech today, he declared Cuba a state sponsor of terror, which it is.

He ended with a quote from George Washington, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”

There was a question and answer period after the speech.

Mr. Pompeo is the voice of America, and he is deeply concerned about the threat of Chinese authoritarianism. He was obviously concerned about the effect it is having on our ‘Woke’ citizens.

He is an American, and the voice of America. Why are we now in a country where some of our fellow citizens say it’s wrong to put America first or it’s a dog whistle to claim to be a patriot?


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