Speaker Johnson Proposes Clever Way to Keep Government Open


Speaker Mike Johnson announced that a new aid package for Ukraine, which ties in elements of U.S. border security, is on the fast track in the House. This comes after completing discussions on a substantial $14.5 billion aid package for Israel.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) floated the idea of a “laddered” continuing resolution (CR), a novel idea for avoiding a potential government shutdown on Nov. 17, when the 45-day stop-gap funding law expires.

According to The Epoch Times: “Potentially, you would do a CR that extends individual pieces of the appropriations process, individual bills,” Mr. Johnson said at a Nov. 2 press conference.

It would fund agencies for short periods to force the House to pass appropriations for these specific agencies or see them shut down. This would create tons of deadlines for Congress to get their act together.

It looks very clever.

Speaker Mike Johnson, Wikimedia Commons

Defining “Laddered”

Generally, a “laddered” CR or spending bill would fund various agencies and departments as though one is going up “a ladder.” The idea is that as soon as the House and Senate pass one of the individual spending bills, those agencies/departments covered by that particular bill would be funded and open at the new spending level. The other “unfunded” agencies would remain open – but at the old spending levels. In theory, this prevents a government shutdown.

Reporter Chad Pergram of Fox criticizes it as a variation of a minibus, but there are only so many things one can do. We don’t know what Johnson has in mind specifically.

White House Potted Plant Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insists that Congress must move forward with Joe Biden’s additional funding request. She said the supplemental request is critical for adequately addressing the nation’s border security challenges.

What border security challenges? They have assured us the border is secure. The border security they want includes a piece that would allow faster mass migration and resettlement here in the United States.

Listed among the border funds in Biden’s Ukraine bill were these two killers:
  • Expansion of lawful pathways, including efforts to streamline the processing of eligible refugees and migrants through the Safe Mobility Offices Initiative.
  • Support for eligible arrivals, including services to successfully resettle in the United States and become self-sufficient.

They want to streamline the mass invasion.

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