Trump Lawyer Nukes AG James Who Shows Up for the Cameras


Trump Organization lawyer Alina Habba nuked New York Attorney General Letitia James on Friday. She labeled the legal proceedings a frivolous expenditure of state funds.

“We are now over a month deep into the biggest waste of New York taxpayer dollars I’ve ever seen,” Habba declared, echoing the Trump family’s comments.

“President Trump’s statement of financial condition was so undervalued, but Letitia James, as you’ve seen, will show up when it’s a press day. I said it yesterday on the news; she hasn’t been here for days,” Habba explained. “But you know when she’s going to come? When the main event’s here, and that is Trump!”

In this clip, you can see the tortured look on Donald Trump Jr.’s face, and eventually, the camera switches over to a smirking attorney general, Letitia James, who pursues frivolous cases in lieu of going after actual criminals.


The family’s business legacy is at risk along with the future of the former president, and James is having a grand old time. James wants to seize their assets and sell them off at a fire sale, then give their money to the state.

“She [James] shows up, sits in the back when she should be doing real work because the city of New York has fallen apart,” the Trump lawyer explained. “If you are a business in New York, pay attention. You put your value. If President Trump wanted to inflate his net worth on a statement of financial condition, his brand alone could double, triple it.”

“This is a waste of time. We heard testimony from an expert this week. Ms. James wasn’t here for that day because it wasn’t good for her,” Habba said. “He’s been paid by New York taxpayer dollars $450,000 in the past few months to come here and testify. That’s your money. That’s not my money. It is a crime. And now these children are being brought in away from their families for doing nothing wrong.”

On the same day, Eric Trump, Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, defended the integrity of his family’s business Friday morning against claims of providing misleading information to lenders and insurers.

James, who ran for office on the ‘Get Trump’ ticket, claims the Trump Organization inflated asset values to secure loans. The banks and insurers have their own appraisers and approve these loans, and there are no injured parties.

AG James grossly undervalued the assets.

Eric Trump told the court, “This state is going to hell. And it’s because of people like the attorney general of New York.” He called the case a “political witch hunt,” and indeed, the Southern District of New York refused to pursue the case criminally as much as they wanted to do so.

Donald Trump and his family have been investigated intensely since 2015 and found nothing. Now, they’re just creating crimes, exaggerating petty garbage, or lying.


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