Speaker McCarthy Passes a Bill to Raise the Debt Limit


The House passed a bill raising the debt limit. Speaker McCarthy threw cold water on Democrats’ favorite talking point of late – Republicans are going to force the country into default. He challenged Senate Majority Leader Schumer to come up with his own bill.

Joe Biden has been running about saying it would be a crime to not raise the debt ceiling.

Speaker McCarthy’s plan slashes funds for the tens of thousands of IRS agents. It also eliminates the student loan bailout. They also have a work requirement for federal benefits, but Democrats won’t accept that.

It only passed by two votes.

Janet Yellen has demanded they pass a clean spending bill with no negotiations. Biden won’t entertain anything but a clean bill. He wants no cuts! Just keep spending, Joe.

“If President Biden’s got a better idea, it’s long past time he puts those ideas on the table,” House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., said Wednesday on the House floor. “This is not a problem you run and hide from. In fact, when you asked to be president of the United States, you’re the commander in chief. You’re the leader of the free world… This is not a job where you run and hide from the tough things. These are the moments where you step up.”


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