Speaker Pelosi again accuses Republicans of murdering George Floyd


Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Justice in Policing Act basically begins the process of nationalizing the police and it puts them under absurd standards and regulations. It will be dead in the Senate so she has taken the approach that she will use the bill to damage Republicans and pander to her base. She has twice accused Republicans of murdering George Floyd.

The first time she said it, there were calls for her to apologize. Instead, she doubled down and said it again — Republicans murdered George Floyd.

She isn’t unhinged as the clip indicates. Nancy Pelosi is evil and will say or do anything to win. Power, permanent authoritarian control is her objective. To do it, she marshals her forces with comments such as, ‘I don’t know why we don’t have protests in the street.’

Her words are meant to inflame and they do.



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John Vieira
2 years ago

Pelosi IS an “Alinskyite” eh !!!

2 years ago

“Republicans murdered George Floyd.” — Pelosi

There’s proof that Floyd already had a long criminal record, and he put himself in the position to be killed: he was caught in the act of committing ‘another’ crime.
Besides taking drugs, he had many health problems that could have contributed to his death.

2 years ago

George Floyd died from a grand maul seizure. He did not resist arrest until they were stuffing him in the car. The cop states “he straighten out and began resisting arrest”. He lost continuity, the piss was running under the car. Cops did not recognize a medical emergency. His trashing was the seizure. The knee was not on the trachea. Police are not trained in medical emergencies. Maybe they should be Paramedic’s before they become a cop

2 years ago

Fentanyl attaches to receptors in the brain and can cause a person to stop breathing, but in the trial of the cop the only thing the public will hear is it was the KNEE !!!!!!!!

John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  Zigmont

Look carefully at the video…it was staged…Floyd was not asphyxiated as the Main sewer Stream fake Media are still claiming…but his “unstaged” death was an unexpected bonus for the perpetrators….and they threw the other actors under the bus…

2 years ago

George Floyd killed himself with a drug overdose. Check the toxicology report. The level of Fentanyl in his blood was 11 ng/mL. This is above lethal level.

…and for this he becomes a Saint!

Scroll down to the toxicology report. (Page 14 of 20)

Read the levels of Meth and Fentanyl found in Floyd’s blood.



Subsequent investigations revealed that what had been sold as cocaine was mostly fentanyl with a trace amount of cocaine. The patients who were dead on arrival had gone into cardiac arrest due to blood concentrations of fentanyl that were much higher than what is administered therapeutically. (Fentanyl is used in hospitals as a painkiller at a blood concentration of 0.6 to 3.0 ng/mL or ppb). Patient E had a blood concentration of 11 ng/mL, while Patient I had 13 ng/mL. Patient K, who died a few days later, had 9.5 ng/mL. Patient F, who lived, had a concentration of 4.6 ng/mL, the highest among the survivors of this incident.