Injecting a little sanity into “Cuomo’s right course?”


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is giving a false impression to Americans, boasting of having taken the “right course” while Florida has not. He keeps bragging about the great job he’s doing and compares himself to Florida which had to roll back the opening of bars and other youth hangouts. The governor claims he did a good job and Florida did not.

He makes it seem as if Florida doesn’t have a plan. They actually have from the beginning which is why the total number of deaths in New York is nearly ten times Florida.

In fact, Florida and Texas have a long way to go before they hit New York’s death levels.

When Cuomo says New York chose the right course and claims Florida didn’t take it with a grain of salt. According to the NY Times, New York seeded the entire nation. Governor Cuomo’s nursing home policy killed 6,500 seniors.

New York and New Jersey have the greatest number of deaths.

The deaths from the virus as of 6/27:
  • New York 31, 342
  • New Jersey 14, 948
  • Florida 3,390
  • Texas 2,354

Currently hospitalized with COVID-19 via YCharts:

  • New York 951
  • New Jersey 1,118
  • Florida 472 [Florida is getting the most cases but most don’t require hospitalization]
  • Texas, on the other hand, is in trouble with 5,102 [However, they have a death rate of 1.69% and Cuomo still has us at 6.34%]

Cuomo currently has double the number hospitalized as Florida, his favorite comparison.

In Florida, 26 people died with just under 9600 new cases. In New York, with 614 new cases, 26 people died.  Also, take into consideration that Florida is testing 40,000 people a day.

With 31,342 deaths, how does Cuomo say he took the right course? Andrew Cuomo has absolutely NOTHING to brag about.



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