Speaker Pelosi calls AG Barr a “blob,” following up on Dems’ vile behavior


Speaker Pelosi addressed the revolting hearing on Tuesday with Attorney General Bill Barr. Before we tell you Pelosi’s comment, it’s important to mention the Democrats were rude and abusive of the Attorney General during the hearing. They wouldn’t let him answer a question.

Nancy decided to fat shame Bill Barr.

She said with a sneer, “Really, he was like a blob, he was like…just..a…henchman for the President of the United States instead of the Attorney General of the United States of America.”

That was in response to Barr saying Pelosi calling federal law enforcement officers ‘stormtroopers’ could be dangerous to these officers.


It really highlights her lack of intelligence if that’s the best she can come up with. Along those lines, her new nickname for the President is Mr. Makes Matters Worse. That’s rather unimpressive.

Host Ari Melber didn’t call her on her hateful personal attack.


Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean was extremely rude to the Attorney General during the hearings and wouldn’t let him answer. Frustratingly, she turned around and said he was mostly disrespectful to women.

That is a blatantly dishonest statement. If she believes it, she’s out of her mind.


This is the kind of dumb behavior she exhibited yesterday:

Watch the supercut. These Democrats were awful:

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