Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Sad & Solemn’ Members Make Her Look Ridiculous


Forty-five minutes after the President was sworn in, The Washington Post declared that it wasn’t too soon to look towards impeachment. On December 10th, WaPo declared that they knew they were always going to impeach the President, they just weren’t sure of the charges. Reporter Aaron Blake stated, “Democrats have known for a while that they were going to impeach President Trump; they just needed to figure out exactly what for.”

But at least House Democrats tried to recognize this sham impeachment was sad and solemn.

If you will remember, Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that a number of the Democrat women were wearing black because they were sad and it was such a solemn occasion.

Not everyone got the memo. Her very own comrades made her look the fool for that lie. No one believed it anyway. Even the corrupt media couldn’t put lipstick on that pig.

She tried to tell her dumb members not to cheer.

Yep, really sad and solemn.

Victor Davis Hanson argued on AmericanGreatness that the impeachment is about hatred. “When a party, an ideological movement, and an entire political agenda are based on hatred, people and policies become warped. The left-wing loathing of Trump has now tainted almost every Democrat’s agenda and unhinged most of the party’s major players.”

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