Speaker Pelosi’s Solution for Inflation Is to “Change the Subject”


Speaker Pelosi doesn’t have a solution for inflation so she wants “to change that subject,” she said today on Face the Nation. We are facing a critical diesel shortage which will cause serious harm to this country and will increase inflation. We need diesel for everything. What’s the Democrats’ solution other than changing the subject?

Pelosi is pretending it’s just a global phenomenon and she’s basically telling the media what they should be saying. She mentioned the EU inflation, but it’s for the same reasons. It’s the sanctions and destruction of the energy sector. We are all following The Great Reset.

She said the “real fight is about the cost of living?” Huh?

Do you know what Pelosi is doing about the diesel shortage? She’s not mentioning it. Instead of not talking about it, why doesn’t the administration do something – like unleash fossil fuels.

Democrats don’t have a solution, at least none that will work. They’re following the lead of the most radical members of their party.


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