Special Counsel Has Eight Secret Court Battles Targeting Trump


Special Counsel Jack Smith is back from Europe and recovered from a biking accident. According to a report by CNN, he already has at least eight secret court battles set up targeting Trump.

Smith is attempting to find Donald Trump guilty of criminal behavior. He was chosen to look into Trump violating the law when he kept White House records at Mar-a-Lago. That opportunity passed when secret documents turned up in Joe Biden’s home, garage, UPenn office, and Boston office.

That forced Smith to look elsewhere for crimes. He is now looking into Trump’s fight to expose massive 2020 election fraud.

Jack Smith is “locked in” at least eight secret court battles related to Trump, CNN reported:

The outcome of these disputes could have far-reaching implications, as they revolve around a 2024 presidential candidate and could lead courts to shape the law around the presidency, separation of powers, and attorney-client confidentiality in ways they’ve never done before.

Yet almost all of the proceedings are sealed, and filings and decisions aren’t public.

The sheer number of grand jury challenges from potential witnesses is both a reflection of the scope of the special counsel’s investigation and a hallmark of Trump’s ultra-combative style in the face of investigations.

By comparison, Robert Mueller’s grand jury investigation into Trump had a smattering of sealed proceedings where investigators used the court to pry for more answers, and independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s Whitewater investigation ultimately totaled seven similar sealed cases.

This is Stalinesque abuse.

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