Springsteen arrested for DWI, we don’t know if he was in a Jeep


Bruce Springsteen, who made a dishonest commercial for the Super Bowl, was busted for drunk driving, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area.This took place on November 14 at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

Jeep kept that quiet for months.

His first-ever, 2-minute ad for Super Bowl 55 featured him in an unspecified middle America type town, offering his patriotic vision and a message of hope for unity. It was sickeningly sweet, and he is most certainly the worst person to talk of unity. He is very far-left and nasty.

This is the guy who wrote and sang a song about then-president Trump proclaiming he was embarrassed to be an American and DJT is a “con man.”

Here’s Bruce spewing hate and ad hominem attacks on Donald Trump. And this is the guy who is going to unite us?

This is the hypocrite’s ad. Jeep must be okay with DWI. They kept it under wraps until after their leftist nonsensical ad.

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