St Louis prosecutor is charging gun-toting McCloskeys with a felony and a misdemeanor


The Soros-funded prosecutor for St. Louis, Kim Gardner, has decided to charge Mark and Patricia McCloskey for flashing guns as [unruly] ‘protesters’ marched past their property. They were heading for the mayor’s house to voice complaints.

They were mostly white members of Black Lives Matter. As they went past the McCloskeys, with the couple yelling to get out, the BLM members said they would kill them, their dog, and burn their house down.

Gardner told the AP that Mark and Patricia McCloskey will be charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon and a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault for the June 28 incident.

The prosecutor said “It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner, that is unlawful in the city of St. Louis.

The McCloskeys said they were defending themselves and they were on their own property. They said the ‘demonstrators’ broke an iron gate with a ‘no trespassing’ sign and ‘Private Street’ signs. They also repeated the threats from some in the mob.

The governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, has already said he would pardon them.

This prosecutor is the same person who didn’t prosecute looters and rioters.

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