Stacey Abrams pulled a fast one and corporations who boycotted look like fools


Shifty Stacey Abrams pushed corporations to boycott Georgia over their perfectly reasonable voter integrity law but she became concerned when it backfired.

So, what is the fake governor of Georgia doing now? Well, she’s pretending she’s against boycotts.

MLB owners say they were all blindsided by the Rob Manfred decision to pull the All-Star game from Atlanta. Hmmm, really? Manfred didn’t even call them?

How could any one of them do this when they said they were going to honor Hank Aaron? In some other stadium?

Well, they all look bad and got what they deserved. They were afraid she’d get her army of angry people marching to their doorsteps.

As Senator Cotton said, Stacey Abrams made it quite clear that she was calling the Georgia Voter Integrity Law a Jim Crow law. She “threatened businesses which didn’t attack the new law.”

Abrams is the one who convinced the MLB to boycott Georgia.

They cave because they are more afraid of her than their fans. We need to reverse that.

Fake News CNN’s fake fact-checker Daniel Gale is out twisting the truth. He’s claiming she said not to boycott, which is true, but she said it after it blew up. Abrams is a very negative force and CNN is Geobbels’ media.

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