State GOP ‘rebuked’ Senator Sasse on Saturday for voting to impeach DJT


The Nebraska Republican Party rebuked Sen. Ben Sasse on Saturday for his vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

We were told he is beloved in Nebraska and would not be ‘censured,’ but here we are with a ‘rebuke.’

The Nebraska GOP’s state central committee formally expressed its disappointment but did not formally censure Sasse. He “stands rebuked” by the Nebraska GOP.

The senator, who was re-elected last fall with 63% of the vote, dismissed the decision in a statement on Saturday, saying, “Most Nebraskans don’t think politics should be about the weird worship of one dude.”

Uh, we “worship one dude?” No, that’s incorrect. We worship God and respect the leadership of a true American who fights for the USA and all it stands for — liberty. We didn’t side with communists and socialists as Sasse did.

The small number of liberal Republicans and Never Trumpers who voted to impeach Donald J. Trump are so blind as to think they made the ‘sacrifice’ of voting their conscience and we don’t have enough “truth-telling.” How stupid are these people or do they just think we are stupid?

They acted out of hate, not good conscience. They wanted to keep the status quo and didn’t care if socialists and communists took over the country. These are not people of conscience.


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