State pushes back on Sondland’s claim they wouldn’t give him his records


EU Ambassador Gordan Sondland was accused of lying during his testimony Wednesday and presented some confusing testimony. While he was testifying, he used the excuse that he couldn’t remember or answer a lot of questions because the State Department didn’t give him the emails and other documents he requested.

As it happens, the State Department said he always had access to his emails and documents.

“Ambassador Sondland, like every current Department of State employee called before Congress in this matter, retained at all times and continues to retain, full access to his State Department documentary records and his State  Department e-mail account, which he has always been fully free to access and review at will.”




  1. this Schitt needs to stop…I am seriously having mental issues in regards to the demoncraps>>>i dreamt they arrested me and threw me in jail for exercising my free speech

  2. So let me get this straight, The democrats subpoenaed Ambassador Sondland after having closed door meetings and did not make sure he had copies of his closed door testimony before the trial and they expect to use him as a key witness.

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