State says there were 588 violations of Hillary’s server by 38 people


The State Department has finished an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. They have concluded that thirty-eight current and former officials could face criminal charges as a result.

According to NBC NEWS, the State Department completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of private email and found violations by thirty-eight people, some of whom may face disciplinary action. These people were “culpable” in 91 cases of sending classified information that ended up in Clinton’s personal email.

This is the result of a review of 33,000 emails Clinton turned over. There were 588 violations.

This is all Hillary’s fault but some lowly clerk will probably get in trouble. They’ll look for a head or two but will it be Hillary’s? She’s the one responsible.

Why is this woman above the law?

They also concluded the server probably wasn’t hacked.

You can read the report here:

State Department report on Clinton emails | Classified Information | Classified Information In The U by Maura on Scribd



  1. Two questions:
    1. Why are these people who the State Dept. found to be involved with the Hillary Clinton Emails NOT Already being charged and Jailed for their criminal activity on her behalf? All we hear now, are the Many emails discovered
    and she NOR her lemmings are charged…as your article says: “they May be charged”……Really Are ANY of these people EVER going to see prison, just as others Would?

    2. Why today, do we hear a “has been actor, taunt someone to HARM a Sitting POTUS Trump, with violence?
    Tom Arnold is threatening a POTUS, IF this was Obama, that person would already be in prison. Why the Pass, are the Corrupt Democrats who ‘promote violence, bullies
    who taunt Others to do their dirty deeds Permitted to get away with this stuff; just as Maxine Waters suggests to her followers to “surround the opposition,, in parks, malls
    restaurants and yell to make them leave”

    WHY is this being permitted, with Arnold ‘taunting some other NUTCASE to “Harm President Trump”???????

    The Liberal, Leftist Media ‘cheered Kathy Griffin when SHE held up a “Severed, bloody head of POTUS Trump”

    so WHY was she NOT jailed for the SAME things that others would have been that are NOT Democrats.

    Agencies and protective services like the Secret Service need to pay Arnold a visit, and read the Constitution, that clearly states it is Against the Law to threaten a POTUS.

    American Citizens (also the ones being attacked just for wearing a hat, or shirt in our choice for President, “fair game for these bullies, violent and elder abusers given a Pass??”


    P.S. w/All the evidence that supposedly IS being found, WHEN are Obama, Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Rice, Clapper EVER going to be charged with their CRIMINALITY, or, do we have

    “TWO SETS OF LAWS” one for us, the Americans who follow the rules, and another for the Liberal, Leftist Elitists/Politicos who do whatever they want”

    • The deep state and the leftists have nearly taken over the nation. In their alliance, the dems banked on the deep state destroying Trump.

      The betraying cowards Sessions, and Barr, are leaving Trump defenseless. The were each in a position to save us. Watch how Barr delays justice using internal audits instead of criminal investigations, while impeachment is on an offensive.

  2. so that means Killary got off AGAIN…there were so many violations…yet there she goes…there will be no charges against her and the people involved will not be charged….this is so f**king outrageous, I am seeing red right now

  3. 33K e-Mail probe lasting 3yrs.

    38 unnamed violators cited, err’ maybe 38 – maybe not so much.

    Indictments – ZERO

    Disciplines – err’ News read perhaps?

    Clinton – Clean/Not getting locked up/get over it.

    Ruling – Republican’s usual, costly propaganda.

    Taxpayer bill – insurmountable $,$$$,$$$ classified

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