Status of voting fraud cases in presidential race so far


Voter fraud likely had a lot to do with the electoral results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states. The expansion of mail-in voting with COVID as the guise was easily subject to fraud. Absentee ballots are known for fraud, and this was absentee balloting on steroids.

The problem is that once the ballot is taken out of the envelope, the envelope is discarded. It can never be checked.

Democrats have long protected illegal voters as if they are part of their base. The Trump campaign’s allegations of fraud are plausible.  Electronic voting is also subject to suspicion — too many backdoors.

All that is especially true since Joe Biden is a very unlikely recipient of nearly 80 million votes. He’s lazy and stupid. His running mate is an unlikeable communist.

Nonetheless, we haven’t seen evidence yet that will overturn the election and hopefully will see some soon, especially on the voting machines.


In Georgia, Lin Wood, who is not part of the Trump team, argued for an injunction to stop the state from certifying its election results. He argued before a Trump-appointed federal judge who didn’t find any evidence and refused to stop certification.

The hand recount in Georgia matches the machine count. While some uncounted votes were left out in error, and some counties didn’t match exactly, no error goes into the double digits.

The Trump campaign is disputing the hand count.

The signature claim won’t go anywhere because the GOP didn’t object early enough. It’s too late now.

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani claimed hundreds of thousands of votes were illegal or fraudulent. In federal court, however, he said they were not arguing it was a fraud.

The Trump team is asking for a recount in Wisconsin, but they are not asking for recounts in any county that uses Dominion Voter Systems.

In Pennsylvania, a prominent mathematician flagged over 100,000 ballots. The election was lost by 82,000 votes.

In Michigan, the judge examined the 234 pages of affidavits and threw the case out. He said it only amounted to 1,000 votes, not 148,000 votes.

The larger case made in Michigan over spikes might not pan out because the expert, Mr. Ramsland, made a mistake and used Minnesota data to show Michigan’s problems. He must have confused the MN and MI.

The affidavits aren’t filed in the Michigan lawsuit, which the Trump campaign has withdrawn “as a direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted.”

Arizona Sharpiegate was shown to be erroneous. All affiants withdrew their complaints.

Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell told us that they can prove their case of fraud. Powell discussed Hugo Chavez-style corruption in the Dominion software. Dominion categorically denies it all.

Dominion is not directly tied to Hillary Clinton, George Soros, or Dianne Feinstein. That is proven. George Soros’s close ally does, however, own Dominion.

No evidence about Dominion flipping votes has come out yet.


Powell mentioned having a statistician working on the Dominion case during an interview this morning with Maria Bartiromo, but she better have more than that.

Campaign lawyer Sidney Powell said her team would sue more election officials in key states, not the software manufacturing companies.

She told Lou Dobbs last night, “the suits will be against the election officials to invalidate the results of the election and force it to the legislatures and the Electoral College and then the Congress if necessary.”

The Epoch Times writes, Powell was likely referring to Article One, Article Two, and the 12th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution about contested or contingent elections. Some legal experts and Congress members, including Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), have suggested that Congress can reject a state’s Electoral College votes. Some state Senates and Assemblies or Houses can vote to send up their own slate of electors for when the Electoral College meets in December.

Trump should probably rally in Georgia during this time and get the people out for Perdue and Loeffler. We need to win those elections.


Mark Levin commented on Twitter.

Sidney Powell’s a terrific lawyer working 24/7 under extremely tight time constraints to gather evidence from hostile, non-transparent parties. There are very serious questions about Dominion Voting Systems’ ties, security, and competence. I don’t have the answers. But prior to this election, many newsgroups did stories on the company’s problems, including PBS (in October), NBC, New York Times, USA Today, Canadian Broadcasting System, Huffington Post, among others. And numerous Democrat members of Congress raised questions about several of these companies. Canada will not use Dominion, even though it’s headquartered there, because it concluded the company’s not reliable. The history of this company is very concerning. Powell’s piecing together information from various sources and, to my understanding, is using IT and cyber security experts, as well as statistical experts, who are reviewing election activity and results and who are familiar with the Dominion system.

She has no grand jury. Civil cases are not criminal cases. That said, once you get to court with enough information that raises serious issues and concerns based on sworn expert statements and/or witness testimony, a court will or should decide if the case can proceed. At that point, formal discovery can proceed and be enforced by a judge. The difficulty is whether the judge is willing to allow the case to go forward, given the loud voices in the culture and media to stop all of the Trump campaign’s lawsuits. This issue is bigger than even this election. What about the next election? What about the Senate election in Georgia on January 5? What about the public’s faith in elections? What about all the previous lawsuits by the Democrats that changed ejection laws in the states? Sidney Powell and the other lawyers are patriots. They deserve our thanks. And Dominion needs to be put to the test, even though much of the media now pretend otherwise.

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