Steve Bannon believes Joe Biden will be replaced at the convention


Twitter suspended Steve Bannon’s war room pandemic and then reinstated him. Bannon, his staff, and guests have been very critical of China and the compromised World Health Organization.

Bannon doesn’t know why they were suspended or reinstated, but they believe it’s tied to their harsh criticisms of China. Bannon has advanced the theory that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab for some time.

He was on the Fox News show ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ today with Maria Bartiromo and discussed China. Bannon said there is no way Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump on China.

Biden is very “compromised.” His son is probably still on the board of a state-sponsored company in China and was enriched by them.

Mrs. Bartiromo asked if he thought Biden would be the candidate given his history with China.

Bannon responded by saying, Biden was “by far the weakest candidate” and “he’s totally compromised.” Biden was basically Obama’s “wingman” in China and is “personally compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.”

“He has made every bad decision in this managed decline of the United States,” Bannon said.

Biden is also known for never being right on foreign policy.

Bannon continued, “It was Joe Biden who took the side of the Chinese Communist Party.  He was a useful idiot for the Chinese.” Then he added the “Democratic Party has no chance of beating Donald J. Trump with Joe Biden.  It’s not going to happen.  Joe Biden is totally compromised.”

Bannon believes the Democrats will look to replace him at the convention with “somebody who can seriously take on Trump.”

It is unlikely that Democrats think they can drag Joe Biden into the White House, even with the media’s undying devotion. That could change with his vice-presidential running mate since Biden’s just a placeholder anyway.


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