Steve Bannon Responds to the Guilty Court Verdict


Steve Bannon began an interview with Tucker Carlson on his show this evening by describing the lack of credibility of the Jan. 6th panel. Tucker believes the Left wants to put Steve Bannon in prison because they disagree with his political views. Bannon had nothing to do with January 6.

He said the judge wouldn’t accept any defense, so they didn’t present any.

Bannon said he will not back down. He supports Trump and the Constitution. “If I go to jail, I go to jail,” he said. The fate of the country is at hand. If people want to go on vacation…

Buck Sexton said, “So Steve Bannon could spend more time in jail for respecting executive privilege in the face of a show trial than Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Brennan, and Clapper got for all their illegal soft coup efforts against Trump, combined.”

Bannon was denied a defense and a jury trial.


Alan Dershowitz said it’s “entirely a violation of the Constitution.” He didn’t have a fair jury, did not have a trial, and was not allowed to present a defense. The conviction was pre-determined. Dershowitz believes the verdict will be overturned at some point.

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