Steve Forbes: This Is Why New York Will Ultimately Collapse


The once-great Empire State is in decline, and it will collapse. That is the prediction of Steve Forbes. If you live in New York City, you know it’s done, and the rest of the state will follow.

An Excerpt

Forbes says parents call for Charter schools – just so their children can get a real education – are ignored.

“Future revenue shortfalls are projected to run into the tens of billions of dollars in future years.

“The budget approved by the hapless governor Kathy Hochul sharply boosts subsidies for the film and TV industry despite being a high tax state. The new budget raises levies on beleaguered businesses to help fund New York cities and a poorly managed public transportation system, which is being battered by bloated pensions.

“… neighboring Pennsylvania has raked in billions of dollars of revenue from fracking. New York keeps a ban on that activity to appease extreme environmentalists. The Empire State’s environmental policy doesn’t stop there.

“Ignoring real-world science, the new budget is banning gas stoves and heating in all new buildings by 2029. Seventy percent of the state’s electricity must come from renewables by 2030. Today, only 6% comes from wind and solar. By 2035, all new cars must be electric. The fact that most motorists don’t want EVs is brushed aside.

“Where will all that extra electricity come from for these factory mandates? Don’t ask.”

“Reforming the state’s bail system that routinely lets violent criminals back on the street shortly after their arrest is not unique…”


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