Steven Crowder found evidence that the fish tank story needs to be probed –NOW!


This is a legitimate story and not a joke even though a comic named Steven Crowder uncovered it.

Remember the couple who drank fish tank cleaner? It seems the wife has a very fishy case. Steven Crowder found evidence to suggest there is something far more serious here.


The husband died and the wife lived. They drank fish tank cleaner to protect themselves from the Virus, the wife claims.

The woman apparently has a history of violence and wanted to divorce her husband. She is a big donor to Hillary Clinton, so the story that she loved Trump and did what he told her to do is nonsense.

She also has a long history of abusing her husband.

The media knew all this when they published the story, using it to demonize the President.

This is possible fraud, journalistic malpractice, or something worse. In the least, the media knew this was a false story and published it anyway.

Watch this, it’s quite something since the story never made sense from beginning to end:

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3 years ago

I would judge it to be a first degree murder.

3 years ago

When there are two people and one dies, remember that there is only one side of the story available.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 years ago

For what this is worth,

Steven Crowder is a Canadian from Montreal city

I grew up and still live 15 minutes from Montreal city

Montreal city, unfortunately is mainly populated by leftists, it declared itself a ” sanctuary city” about 2 – 3 years ago, we have lots of green and pink haired angry feminists and we even have Antifas, but we do have a few sane people such as Steven Crowder and such as me ! 😉

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Media complicit in a possible murder cover-up to use as a weapon against Trump, the lengths they will go to eliminate is pure evil.