Threatening mob demands Minneapolis mayor abolish the police, then gets more vicious


The extremely weak Mayor Frey of Minneapolis bowed to the mob so they went further with their demands. They are now ordering him to abolish or defund the police.

After these same people — Black Lives Matter and Antifa — burned down his city, he kowtowed to them, and what did it get him? These are your ‘peaceful protesters.’

While throwing police under the bus, and calling them all racists, he would not go that extra step and say he’d abolish or fully defund the police department. “I do not support a full abolition of the police,” he said.

He was told to “get the f*** out of here.” They began chanting he should “go home” and forced him to leave. Then the ringleader said, “get him back here,” as if he was some kind of dog on a leash.

You see, you can’t kneel or bow to the mob. It is never enough. Now, “They don’t want no more f***ing police.”

His weak leadership has allowed these amoral radicals free reign.


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