Still-Employed, Non-Transferred FBI agents to Review Obama’s Hezbollah Drug Operation


Forgive our title and the slight exaggeration. The former president did not run the Hezbollah drug operation in the U.S.. He is simply accused of preventing law enforcement from doing their job and bringing them to justice.

The supposition is that Barack Obama led this effort mainly to keep peace with Iran so he could get that widely discredited nuke deal which allows Iran to have a nuke within ten years.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has moved in on the potentially hands-off policy the last administration had towards the Hezbollah drug mob.

The AG has launched a review of a law enforcement initiative called Project Cassandra after an investigative report was published this week claiming the Obama administration gave a free pass to Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations to help ensure the Iran nuclear deal would stay on track, Fox News reported.

He directed a review of prior Drug Enforcement Administration investigations “to evaluate allegations that certain matters were not properly prosecuted and to ensure all matters are appropriately handled.”

“While I am hopeful that there were no barriers constructed by the last administration to allowing DEA agents to fully bring all appropriate cases under Project Cassandra, this is a significant issue for the protection of Americans,” Sessions said in a written statement. “We will review these matters and give full support to investigations of violent drug trafficking organizations.”

Perhaps he is right but at least we will know – hopefully.

The accusation came from a bombshell exposé in Politico on Sunday. The fact that this report came from Politico does mean it could be wrong but let’s find out.

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