Stolen Ballots, Stolen Liberty! Coffee County Shows How Easy It is to Do


In the small Coffee County, Georgia, election officials made two videos to show you how easy it is to commit voter fraud using the Dominion Voting Systems machines.

Despite the protestations by the company and the media cover-up, the truth is clear. It is easy to steal millions of votes.

Coffee County elections supervisor Misty Martin narrates these videos as she runs ballots through machines and demonstrates how to cheat.

The machines allow one to rescan votes multiple times. They allow one to change a vote or to fill out blank ballots.

Americans should be terrified by the ease with which a person can steal millions of ballots.

County officials also demonstrated that poll watchers would be unable to see the cheating from the distance where they were positioned.

Coffee County doesn’t know if fraud was committed. They just know it is easy to do.

Coffee County, as of Thursday, had refused to certify the results of its electronic recount. County officials claimed in a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that they could not certify the electronic recount numbers given their “inability to repeatably duplicate creditable election results.”

Raffensperger has since launched an investigation into the county and certified the statewide results given the fact that the discrepancy of votes in the county was not large enough to change the outcome of the election.

Watch the two clips:

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Beautiful Music
Beautiful Music
2 years ago

Why it’s almost as if the Dominion machines were made to steal elections. Hmm…so hmm.
Love the name comrades. It isn’t your Dominion and you need to get over yourselves.