Stolen Michigan Ford F150’s Sold in Arizona!


by Mark Schwendau

For Trump voters who think of the six “swing-states” involved in systematic and widespread election fraud during the 2020 election as criminal havens, a recent video post by attorney Steve Lehto may help solidify your opinions even more so. Lehto reported on a crime ring whereby a number of F150 Ford pickups were stolen off of new vehicle storage lots in Michigan, titled by stolen titles of Georgia, retitled in Arizona, where they were sold to unsuspecting customers.

Kind of makes you wonder if criminal Democrats of Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, are now asking, “Hey! Why couldn’t we get in on some of that action?”

Attorney Steve Lehto has been practicing Lemon Law and Consumer Protections in Michigan for over 26 years. He has one heck of an Internet presence in videos, podcasts, and books he has written. In addition to his law practice and content provider, Lehto has served as an adjunct professor in the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. He has appeared on CNN, the BBC, and Good Morning America.

As an author, some of his books include “Preston Tucker and His Battle to Build the Car of Tomorrow” (2016), “Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation” (2010), and “The Lemon Law Bible: Everything the Smart Consumer Needs to Know About Automobile Law” (2000). Lehto’s podcast “Lehto’s Law” is good Internet infotainment, as is his popular YouTube channel where he discusses car law issues.  He also writes occasional articles for the magazine “Road and Track.”

“Trucks Stolen from Ford Sold in AZ w/Forged ‘Clean’ Titles.”

If you hate former Attorney General Bill Barr for not investigating the obvious crimes of the 2020 election (i.e. vote counting mysteriously stopping in states around the nation in the wee hours of November 4, 2020, election observers being removed from ballot tabulation centers after the assurance vote counting was ceasing for the rest of the night, paper being put over windows to stop election observers from seeing into tabulation centers, boxes and rental vans of ballots suddenly appearing after vote counting stopped) this new story of stolen vehicles of Michigan showing up with clean titles in Arizona with the help of criminals in Georgia will add to your anger.

According to a Ford press release in February, the F-Series trucks continue to hold the distinction of America’s best-selling truck for the 46th consecutive year and America’s best-selling vehicle for 41 years. The base pickup truck starts at around $35,000, with the top-of-the-line Raptor going for $75,000 or over, depending on options.

Attorney Lehto offers his take on a news report of The Detroit Free Press by journalist Phoebe Wall Howard, Automotive Reporter. “Stolen Ford F-150s sold with clean titles in million-dollar ploy from Michigan to Arizona.

Lehto, in his podcast, reported that at the time he posted, Phoenix Police had recovered some 14 vehicles sold in the city without the knowledge of the owners, both private and dealers; they were in possession of a stolen vehicle. They are now out anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars with questionable legal recourse. For the moment, many used car dealers in Arizona are ordering their buyers not to buy any Ford F150s as a solution to the problem.

The legal question as to, “Who’s going to pay?” gets much more difficult.

First, Ford stored many of these vehicles in locked compounds but left the keys in them. They then apparently did not notice and/or report the vehicles stolen for days and/or weeks.

Second, The State of Georgia had an undetermined number of blank vehicle titles stolen from them. It is not known if they notified any of the other state’s Department of Motor Vehicles about their criminal loss.

Third, The state of Arizona DMV seemingly did not pick up on a new pattern of low mileage F150s showing up from Georgia with titles fraudulently forged.

It is to be noted that multiple storage lots of new Ford vehicles were involved in these “smash-and-grabs,” and not all vehicles were left with their keys inside. It is believed most of the vehicles went to local Detroit chop shops, where they were cannibalized and sold for parts.


I post this story as a “Buyer Beware” public service announcement, much the same as attorney Lehto did. But I also post it because of the three states involved thinking to myself, criminal lawlessness breeds more criminal lawlessness. This story should be a wake-up call to our nation. When Republican 2022 Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake accuses acting Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs of running a sh*t show, this proves she is not wrong.

It begs the question, are other states involved in this illegal charade like Arizona is?

Copyright © 2023 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He is a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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