Shocking Lie! Stoneman Killer Was in Obama-Runcie ‘Promise’ Program After All


Shocking Lie! Stoneman Killer Was in Obama-Runcie ‘Promise’ Program. The Promise Program was implemented in the Broward County School System by an Obama colleague, Superintendent Robert Runcie. It allows school officials and law enforcement to go easy on criminal youth.

Superintendent Runcie is a product of the Chicago School System and Obama-Holder school discipline. The discipline policies reject punishment for mostly minority youth who behave badly. They are counseled instead. It is done under the false premise that schools are inherently racist and there is a school-to-prison pipeline. It’s an invented concept.

After Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people at the Stoneman Douglas High School Superintendent Runcie said Cruz was not in the Promise program. As it happens, that is not true.

According to WRLN:

Broward school district officials admitted Sunday that the confessed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gunman was assigned to a controversial disciplinary program, after the superintendent repeatedly claimed Nikolas Cruz had “no connection” to the alternative punishment designed to limit on-campus arrests.

When asked for a response, a spokeswoman for Superintendent Robert Runcie stated on Friday that district administrators were aggressively analyzing Cruz’s records. Then Tracy Clark said on Sunday afternoon the district had “confirmed” Cruz’s referral to PROMISE after he vandalized a bathroom at the middle school on Nov. 25, 2013.

In 2013, Cruz was referred to the district’s Promise program for a charge of vandalism or destruction of property of less than $1,000, according to the sun-sentinel.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that: “…he didn’t complete the three-day assignment.  Students who complete Promise avoid being arrested. Cruz was never arrested, despite not completing it.”

The school board and Superinetendent Runcie still can’t tell anyone the details.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has also said Cruz didn’t attend PROMISE. They have not issued a statement.

The statement issued by the school claims they told the truth because he wasn’t recommended for the program in high school.

Omitting information like this is a lie by omission according to most peoples’ standards.

Runcie Did Not Give Accurate Information

In a Feb. 28 press conference, Runcie said Cruz had no connection to the Promise program at all.

“This particular individual was never a participant in the Promise program. He wasn’t eligible for it,” Runcie said at the time. “There’s no connection between Cruz and the district’s Promise program.”

The media is still waiting for Runcie to comment.

Senator Marco Rubio was repeatedly lied to about Nikolas being in the program.

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5 years ago

That’s horrible but par for the corruption! Another lie by liars lying about a program that lies to the public about discipline. When you take into account the story is based on fictional events told by a lying Sheriff with the colluding main stream (all fake) news media promoting lies about a kid (Cruz) who is already proven there is no way he could have been the trigger man by eye witnesses who were talking to him while the shooting was occurring and other eye witnesses who claim they saw the real shooters who were dressed in black fatigues head to toe while they where shooting (although they did not see “them” (mean multiple shooters) shoot any students). So in other words this story is just more lies thrown on top of a pile of lies about an event that the only thing we know for sure is what is being told by the officials are lies and their fake students who are products of their lies are running around America harping on treason by their ignorance of the 2nd Amendment by yelling about stupid gun control which is cover code for take American’s guns. These Communist have no bottom to the lows they will go to to forward their agenda. Oh, hey Mario did you think to ask those same people how could the alleged shooter (Cruz) be in two places at the same time, and how do they explain away the eyewitnesses who say there were multiple shooters dressed all in black?

5 years ago

This should be on MSM, not the 24/7 Porn star/Mueller crap, this is why I go to sites like this, the MSM will only cover what they have decided you need to know, if it don’t fit their agenda, you won’t hear it. and they call themselves Journalist’s what a farce !!!!!!! CNN/MSNBC are nothing but televised grocery store tabloids, Don’t hold your breath waiting for Soy Boy Hogg to comment.

Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

As the law suits pile up, discovery will be a “bitch”. Hopefully Runcie, and his flunky sheriff will get properly exposed and then fired.