Stop it…Kamala’s space series film for kids was with child actors


Kamala Harris performed in a cringeworthy YouTube original space series for children. As usual, she appeared rehearsed and phony. What we didn’t know is the children were child actors. Ironically, the film company is called ‘Sinking Ship Entertainment.’

Nothing that comes out of this administration is real. Why couldn’t she appear with actual children? Never mind — dumb question.

The Washington Examiner uncovered the story. The children auditioned for the roles:

Trevor Bernardino, a 13-year-old actor from Carmel, California, and one of five teenagers featured in the video was asked to submit a monologue discussing something he is passionate about and three questions for a world leader, according to an interview with KSBW TV. Trevor then interviewed with the production director.

“And then after that, like a week later, my agent called me, and he’s like, ‘Hey Trevor, you booked it,’” Trevor said. He didn’t learn until much later that he would be meeting with Harris, who was appointed to lead the National Space Council earlier this year.

Bernardino was joined by Derrick Brooks II, another child actor, Emily Kim, likewise a child actor, Zhoriel Tapo, a child actor and aspiring journalist who has interviewed former first lady Michelle Obama, and Sydney Schmooke.

Everything about this administration is perception, hype, and foofoo dust. It was just another movie set.

Kamala has communication experts working on her image and, guess what, it’s not working. They decided the way to make her more likable and real was to put her in a film with child actors and tell her to cackle at inappropriate times.

Most articles include commentary before or after the news to keep it interesting and to counteract the fake news, and the news portion is the best we can get from the media and our research assistants.

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