Stormy viciously insults First Lady Melania


Stormy Daniels is trying to recover her former glory as a snitch and a once popular porn star/hooker. She picked some anonymous person to trash while viciously insulting the First Lady who she’s probably hurt enough.

It’s unclear what Melania has to do with anything but Stormy is likely very jealous of Melania Trump.

While complaining that the comment didn’t bother her, it obviously bothered her. Her language is awful. She’s nasty and vulgar. Her twitter feed is gross. Yet, she is a Democrat star.

The Daily Beast reports Daniels said, “I’ll apologize to [Melania] when she apologizes to the country.”

Stormy likes to call herself a “radical feminist” since “tramp” is so unpopular. The left just loves to go along with her. They prefer anyone to a Republican.



  1. ‘Eye Roll’ , Fake tits, fake name, fake face, fake everything, Ms. FakeFake is so yesterday. Trump never even met her prior to the campaign. she was a prop by the democrats trying to put a cramp on Trump.
    GO AWAY, STORMY. its over. the media doesnt need u anymore. u were ineffective

  2. Go away idiot feminazi tramp..
    You have no scruples morals or value…
    Just go away.
    You wish you were 1 tenth the woman that Melania is.
    That is the reason why you trash her, you are obviously jealous of her.
    You are a disgusting vagabond Stormy Daniels.

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