Strange COVID Study Results Published in The Journal of American Medical Association


Alex Berenson is being disappeared by mail services now because he’s offering anti-vax information. We aren’t looking for anti-vaccine information, just the truth and we don’t want to disregard the science.

I am not rejecting COVID’s existence, but this is a study he describes that deserves attention.

As Berenson writes, The Journal of the American Medical Association has a stunning paper out on post-Covid symptoms in almost 27,000 French adults.

Researchers asked people to report whether they had had Covid and whether they had any of 18 lasting symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, or cough. They found that self-reported Covid was very strongly associated with nearly every symptom.

But the scientists then went a step further.

They also had Sars-Cov-2 antibody test results for the people they had surveyed, so they didn’t have to depend on self-reported Covid. They knew who really had had Covid and who had not.

They then compared self-reported symptoms in people with antibodies – that is, people who had actually been infected and recovered from Covid – to the general population. And they found no difference in almost any symptom.

Covid was not a risk factor for chest pain, or breathing difficulties, or trouble focusing, or stomach pain, or any of the many, many other complaints that long Covid “patients” and interest groups say are real. There was one interesting exception; people with Covid antibodies did have a much higher rate of anosmia, losing one’s sense of smell. Because anosmia is a known and lasting side effect, it serves as a useful control of sorts, Berenson writes.

The researchers also found that almost 60 percent of the people with antibodies HAD NO IDEA THEY HAD EVEN HAD COVID AT ALL. Meanwhile, while more than half the people who said they had had Covid had no antibodies. (Welcome to the plague so severe most halfway healthy adults don’t even know they’ve had it.)

The study strongly suggests that many people are using previous Covid diagnoses – either real or imagined – to help explain away common physical symptoms such as joint pain or cough. It also suggests that actually being infected Covid is far less risky than thinking you have been infected with Covid for many people.

The researchers concluded by explaining that people who claim they have long Covid may need help “to identify cognitive and behavioral mechanisms that may be targeted to relieve the symptoms.” Which is a very polite way of putting the truth.

This study should slow, if not stop, the rush to medicalize long Covid. It is yet more proof that the illness is a group of squishy (if painful and difficult) symptoms looking for a name – and more importantly a billing code.

But so many patients and physicians and public health experts are now invested (in some cases literally) in making long Covid real that the gravy train will likely roll on.

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1 year ago

I have had Covid Antibodies for sometime. I suspect I had Covid early on in February 2020 while overseas in Asia and didn’t even realize it. A few months ago I became ill with Walking Pneumonia. When I went to the clinic of course it had to be Covid without any testing. Eventually, I went to the Hospital when it was obvious I had Pneumonia. Of course the ER was puzzled when I was tested and clear of Covid. Eventually, they put me on antibiotics and a few weeks later I was clear of Bacterial Pneumonia.

How many people have died because of a misdiagnosis of Covid? When Government gives a financial incentive to see something, people see what is in their best financial interest. That is why Government needs to be completely and totally out of Medicine. (And many other things.) Covid is a product of Political Science. It is becoming obvious that only 1% or 2% of Covid deaths was actually Covid. The rest were cases of Sick People who caught Covid because their immune systems were impaired. Three years ago, it would have been the Seasonal Flu. Covid became a Political Shiny Object and is now the Poster Child of Bad Medicine. The problem is that the Government and the Bureaucrats will never admit that they were wrong. In this case, dangerously incompetent.

The Government must be restricted from deciding the course of Society and providing financial incentives to try and obtain those political goals. The People should decide those issues individually. It’s absurd that a bunch of elitist in the Beltway know what is best for a country as large as the United States. What the Bureaucrats decide is what’s best for them and not us.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

You do realize that “Covid” was ‘engineered’ to achieve the results we are witnessing…and the corrupt Main sewer Stream fake Media was/still assigned the task of delivering the Psychological aspect of the ‘bio-weapon’….

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I agree with the study – people are using covid as an excuse for everything.

The existence of the virus, as describe, has not been established. The basic procedure for verifying the existence of a pathogen was not followed. There is a spike protein virus which was synthesized with help from the USA, Canada and China. But the test used is unquestionably wrong, as stated by the inventor, as shown by chemistry principles, and demonstrated in numerous tests which have been accepted in courts as 97% inaccurate.

To assume the virus exists as described, and is the cause of all of these symptoms and deaths, is the irrational idea.