Students banned from coming to school ever after refusing masks


Springs Charter School in Temecula was placed on lockdown Thursday after two students refused to comply with the mask mandate, according to the school. The police were called.

The incident happened on the first day of class. Victoria Nelson, a junior, and her brother Drew Nelson, a senior, say they chose not to wear a mask for religious reasons. The siblings thought their decision would fall under a religious exemption, even though no formal request had been filed with the district or the school.

Drew says he was sent to the principal’s office immediately. However, administrators say Victoria refused to wear a mask or leave class. The junior says the situation escalated quickly, and the teacher evacuated the classroom and blocked her from following classmates.

Not only did the school go into lockdown, but the school resource officer was called.

The siblings were banned from ever coming to the school again, and now much remain on virtual learning, where they still have full access to the curriculum, resources, and teachers.

If more people did what these two students are doing, Americans could control the controllers.


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