Study suggests China’s cover up caused the spread of the virus to worsen by 95%


China is responsible for letting the Wuhan Virus spread out of control. It was covered up and it cost the lives of thousands and brought misery to the West. The communist leadership is not sorry. Instead, they are attacking the United States and trying to place the blame on the U.S. military.

And, what does the U.S. media do? They attack the U.S. President and spread communist China’s propaganda.

A non-peer reviewed study, funded by grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and published this week, found that China could have prevented 95 percent of coronavirus infections if its measures to contain the outbreak had begun sooner.

The research from the University of Southampton suggests that Chinese officials should have listened to the coronavirus whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang, when he tried to sound the alarm on December 30.

Instead, the police silenced him and eight others for spreading “rumors.”

China’s Public Security Bureau made Dr. Li sign a letter stating that he had made “false comments” and had “severely disturbed the social order.” Ignoring these crucial whistleblowers delayed China’s response for at least three weeks.

The study used simulations based on human movement and illness data to demonstrate how combined interventions might affect the spread of the virus. The models indicate that Coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 66 percent if authorities had taken the measures within a week, or by 86 percent if they began two weeks earlier. Delaying action for three weeks caused the spread of the virus to worsen by 95%.

The research also suggests that social distancing intervention should be continued for the next few months in China to prevent case numbers from increasing again.

Doctors first recognized the illness on December 10.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

It was on Dec. 10 that Wei Guixian, a seafood merchant in this city’s Hua’nan market, first started to feel sick. Thinking she was getting a cold, she walked to a small local clinic to get some treatment and then went back to work.

Eight days later, the 57-year-old was barely conscious in a hospital bed, one of the first suspected cases in a coronavirus epidemic that has paralyzed China and gripped the global economy. The virus has spread around the world and sickened more than 100,000.

For almost three weeks, doctors struggled to connect the dots between Ms. Wei and other early cases, many of them Hua’nan vendors. Patient after patient reported similar symptoms, but many, like her, visited small, poorly resourced clinics and hospitals. Some patients balked at paying for chest scans; others, including Ms. Wei, refused to be transferred to bigger facilities that were better-equipped to identify infectious diseases.

When doctors did finally establish the Hua’nan link in late December, they quarantined Ms. Wei and others like her and raised the alarm to their superiors. But they were prevented by Chinese authorities from alerting their peers, let alone the public.

One of the first doctors to alert Chinese authorities was criticized for “spreading rumors” after sharing with a former medical-school classmate a test result showing a patient had a coronavirus. Another doctor had to write a self-criticism letter saying his warnings “had a negative impact.”

President Xi also allowed celebrations to go on and didn’t tell anyone until January 20th:

It now appears that, based on a speech by Mr. Xi published in a Communist Party magazine in February, he was leading the epidemic response when Wuhan went ahead with New Year celebrations despite the risk of wider infections. He was also leading the response when authorities let some five million people leave Wuhan without screening, and when they waited until Jan. 20 to announce the virus was spreading between humans.

A February 7 report by the New York Times also accused China of ignoring offers of assistance that came in January, from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, for over a month.

Given the report’s suggestion, if China had not allowed large celebrations and if they had warned the world when they knew of the illness from the whistleblower, the illness would not have spread as it had.

Even if the study doesn’t hold up upon review, the Chinese leadership is responsible for the spread of the illness. They lied and it cost people their lives.

All these sick and deceased people, but will the media ever cast the blame where it belongs.

Tucker let them have it:

Correction: The title was misleading and changed after publication. I apologize.

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Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
3 years ago

I found a neat tweet from early 2018 touting the opening of the facility in Wuhan that is able to process and handle pathogens.
It may come in handy if the Memory Hole gets too grabby. One day there will be a monument to the doctor who tried to do his job only to be kneecapped by commies.
Could you imagine if this had happened in Russia with Lysenko in charge of science and genetics. Too scary to contemplate.

Roosevelt Barr
Roosevelt Barr
3 years ago

If early notification would have reduced the spread by 95%, the delay didn’t increase spread by 95%, but by 2,000% !!
95% reduction means the spread could have only been 5% (or 1/20) as much as it is, which means the current spread is 20 times what it would have been with earlier notification (or 2,000%).

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago
Reply to  Roosevelt Barr

Yes. The main focus of the US junk pop media is to obscure what is really going on and make Trump the villain. This puts huge pressure on Trump to go along with the overreaction which greatly damages our economy. So, the US will give up trillions.