Stunning Greenwald piece: journalist corruption was key to the Alfa hoax


Dictatorships cannot arise without control of the media. The totalitarian Democrats do now have control of the media. Beware. This is how Hitler grew to power.

An example of just such journalist corruption is the Alfa Bank hoax perpetrated by Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman. He was paid directly by Hillary’s campaign and the DNC. She had to know about it. According to Donna Brazile’s memoir, Hillary controlled everything the DNC did.

Glenn Greenwald points out on substack that the indictment of the Clinton lawyer is an indictment of the Russiagate media.

The charging documents of the Clinton lawyer were approved by Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland. He knows they are legitimate. These documents point to the need for corrupt media to play a role so the scheme could work. It could not have worked without their full cooperation.

Bizarrely, the journalists most responsible do not even acknowledge it now.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign cooked up the lies and the media laundered them. She then pretended she learned it from them.

Even Garland knows the story was a fraud but the so-called journalists continue to peddle it to this day.

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