Stunning! Look at the People the Sanctuary City of Newark Protects


In case you missed this next story since the mainstream media completely ignores it, ICE busted criminal aliens in the sanctuary city of Newark. Newark was once a very nice city but now it’s a “s***hole.”

Townhall reported the story nearly a week ago but still nothing from the media.

As you read this, keep in mind that this is only one five-day operation and it’s only one snapshot into sanctuary cities. There are more than 300 sanctuary cities.

The aliens arrested by ICE in this operation have been arrested before and released by the sanctuary city officials. This puts officers in danger again and again, to say nothing of the citizens these criminals assault.

ICE were specifically looking for criminal aliens who were held in the Middlesex Country Jail and then released into the community by local police without notice to ICE. ICE detainers were not honored.


The Democrats want to allow these people in, to roam freely while protected from deportation. If you don’t think this is insane, please write your comments below as to why it’s not.

ICE wrote that 78% of those arrested had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. The criminals come from “s***holes” and they are bringing their criminal culture to the USA. They hail from: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, and Turkey.

The age range is 21 to 68 years.

Convictions included: aggravated criminal sexual contact, aggravated assault, DUI, hindering apprehension, endangering the welfare of a child, battery, theft, burglary, possession of a weapon, forgery, domestic violence assault, disorderly conduct, and illegal entry.”

Such stellar citizens. Don’t we have enough of our own criminals?

To give you an idea of who these people are, read on.

One 32-year old from Mexico sexually assaulted a “helpless victim”. A 68-year old from Mexico murdered someone and used false ID. A 27-year old from The Dominican Republic was guilty of domestic violence and criminal restraint. He also possessed a weapon for unlawful purposes. A 29-year-old citizen of El Salvador assaulted a child.

The sanctuary city of Newark refused to honor the ICE detainers on all of these people.

It is important to note that Democrats run around screaming, ‘Abolish ICE’. They want no one to go after these people. This is what Democrats want for you. They are certifiable.


For the first two quarters of Fiscal Year 2018, ICE arrests comprise over 66 percent convicted criminals. Of the remaining individuals not convicted of a crime, approximately 23 percent have either been charged with a crime, are immigration fugitives, or have been removed from the United States and illegally re-entered, reflecting the agency’s continued prioritization of its limited enforcement resources on aliens who pose threats to national security, public safety and border security.This is what Democrats think is ‘humanitarian’.

Most Democrats agree, just look at the latest poll. They think their ideas are mainstream.

Poll Shows 82% of Liberal Democrats Dislike ICE, a Stunning 53% Hate Them

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