Subpoenaing Pence, a Bad Omen for Donald Trump


The New York Times reports that special counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed former vice president Mike Pence to testify before the grand jury probing former president Donald Trump’s (DJT) role in the events that led to the January 6 Capitol riot.

The Times report is based on information from an anonymous source.

The special counsel is searching for a federal crime in Donald Trump’s efforts to delay the certification of the electoral votes on January 6, 2021. The DOJ’s appointee is examining a conspiracy to obstruct Congress and defraud the United States.

Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.

Donald Trump

The legal theory that Pence had the authority to delay the certification was based on DJT’s lawyer John Eastman, but most lawyers disagreed. Most felt that Pence’s role was only ministerial. However, that wasn’t clear at all.

Criminalizing that legal position takes effort by biased politicians, but they’re going for it.

DJT harshly criticized Mike Pence in a tweet, and the media played up the angle that ‘Pence’s life was in danger’ although he never was in danger on J6. You can criticize DJT’s response, but to say Pence’s life was at risk on J6 is inaccurate.

The Bad Omen for DJT

Pence witnessed that day’s events, and subpoenaing him is a bad sign for Donald Trump.

The biggest problem with Pence for DJT on J6 was he didn’t let DJT know he wouldn’t support his position. Until J6, Trump didn’t know what Pence would do, so he became angry and reacted.

Pence isn’t helping Donald Trump. He urged his chief of staff, Marc Short, and his counsel, Greg Jacob, to cooperate with the special counsel, and they did. Undoubtedly, they agree with Pence, and they are direct witnesses.

The special counsel would have difficulty going for a crime related to the documents, given Biden’s box of documents within Hunter’s reach. However, they are hoping to get Trump on a J6 crime if they can.

I stick with my original assessment. They will try to arrest Donald Trump for some crime tied to J6. They’ve worked too hard into making a J6 riot into an insurrection not to go for it.

The results will divide the country far worse than it has been, but this administration doesn’t care. Democrats desperately want DJT arrested, perp-walked, and imprisoned.

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