Sudden Cardiac Deaths Dramatically Trend Upward


If the bureaucratic health community truly cares about winning America’s trust back, they need to research sudden cardiac deaths and turbo cancer. Then, they need to report the results transparently. The CDC hasn’t updated the data with underlying causes since 2021. Something is causing sudden cardiac deaths and turbo cancer.

Instead of spending billions of dollars on LGBT dance groups and anti-gun videos, they should spend every dime on medicine.

There are many vivid examples of sudden deaths. Take Pedro Henrique.

Barely 30 years old, Brazilian Gospel singer Pedro Henrique collapsed while singing on stage and died. He suffered a massive heart attack. He was vaccinated, as are 88% of Brazilians. The young man was dead on arrival at the hospital.

He had a beautiful voice.

Hasan Bitmez, 51, a Turkish MP – who collapsed in Parliament as he was railing against Israel, saying Allah would seek revenge – died of a heart attack. He was vaccinated.

There are many stories like this online, and we know that there have been excess deaths in recent years.

Dr. Makis, an oncologist, claims the vaccine is a highly toxic cocktail of two nanoparticles.

He believes the vaccine can cause turbo cancer.

Ethcal Skeptic, who describes himself as a CEO and a systems science engineer who worked in Naval intelligence, does some heavy analysis on X. He reported an increase in sudden cardiac deaths in ages 0-54.

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